Wholesale stock of Italians high quality fabrics.

Stock Tex aims to offer small-medium sellers of textiles for furnishing and clothing or tailor's shops.

Furthermore Stock Tex has been partner with various buyers like schools, hotels, restaurants, B&Bs, municipalities and public administrations in all of Europe for several years.

The 1300 m² warehouse lets us supply and distribute fabrics for displays, fairs, stands and exhibitions.

Product Categories

Recent Products

  • ABT657 - 5

    Light Brown Lace ABT657

  • ABT690 - 5

    Satin Silk ABT690

  • ABT700 Collage

    Elastic Silk ABT700

  • ABT703-4

    Silk ABT703

  • ABT704-3

    Silk ABT704

  • ABT709-6

    Silk ABT709

  • ABT710-6

    Silk ABT710

  • ABT697 - 3

    Satin Silk ABT697